About Us

Founded in 2014, MIA MOON jewelry continues to honour the family legacy positioning it at the helm of Bahrainis diamond retail brands. Its flagship stores, portraying the lavishly chic era andoffering customers a royal experience, where elegance is an aspiration, while also displaying contemporary designs.

MIA MOON gemologists travel the world in search of the finest diamonds and gems, ensuring they source only those that meet the highest standards. Our designers and artisans create exquisite pieces inspired by happiness, reflecting a diamond’s mysterious and spectacular allure. Our pieces bring joy to their owners and delight all who appreciate beauty, in all of its different forms.

Our bonds with customers are created to last a lifetime. We proudly consider ourselves their trusted advisors and strive to honor their loyalty. We believe it is every customer’s privilege to own a unique piece of MIA MOON forever, reflecting their own individual character and style. For this reason, “MIA MOON Customized Designs” provides customers with this opportunity to craft personalized statement pieces.  Ourcommitment to excellence extends toafter-sales services including polishing, resizing, ultrasonic cleaning, engraving and repairing. 
Our ambitions are intrinsically linked to New Bahrain Gold’s philosophy of providing customers with only the very best quality of products and services, with the help of cosmopolitan craftsmen and designers. We hire the best people, to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Our staff members have passed through rigorous training courses, equipping them with exceptional technical skills and ensure that they abide by the highest codes of ethical practice. Our entire team is HogeRaadvoorDiamant(HRD Antwerp) certified and receives regular specialized training sessions, ensuring we remain ahead on all industry fronts. MIA MOON is proud to be both, ISO certified and jewelry certified,by HRD Antwerp.

We aim to become Bahrain and the region’s premier jewelry brand while reinforcing our geographic footprint and strengthening our worldwide strategic alliances.